If you live in an area where it storms usually take place, then tree removal services are surely the most popular tree service out there. During these trying times, problems associated with storm include loss of productivity or income, safety and health, power outages, and property damage. For a lot of people, the tree removal cost after a storm has been a problem. Sometimes, they allocate budget for an unexpected cost, but still, the damaged tree needs to have some branches trimmed or removed or the entire tree needs to be eliminated for safety reasons. Not to mention that these need to be performed as soon as possible to stop the inconvenience due to the issue.

As a result, a strategy for property owners that will address both urgency and cost is to attempt trimming or removing the tree themselves. Little did they know that doing this will only do more harm than good to both your property and tree. Here are some of the possible risks that you may encounter if you remove your tree improperly and without the help from the experts:

  • You risk serious injury to each body part you have if you don’t wear proper protective gear.
  • You risk of being seriously injured from twigs, sawdust, and woodchips if you don’t wear the proper eyewear.
  • Non-industrial aluminum ladders or wooden ladders may not be stable or durable enough at greater heights. Moreover, you can possibly get slippery and slick in icy or snowy weather.
  • Handling a chainsaw could be dangerous and difficult to do, particularly if you attempt to balance yourself while you’re on a ladder.
  • Cutting a tree will need the right planning when it comes to the precise open area and the right trajectory required for branches/trunk/tree to land clear of hindrances. Once the branches or the tree falls in the wrong way, it could lead to significant damage to other trees, underground cables, power lines, fences and roofing, property, and even your vehicles.
  • Treating damaged and exposed areas with sealer or paint trap moisture, which results in decay and rot.
  • Excessive trimming or inappropriate tree pruning can negatively affect the recovery and development of a tree.

Why do you need to hire a professional tree removal service?

Utilizing the tree services from a trusted tree service provider would be the best decision to make after a severe ice storm within your area. This is for our property, your trees, and your own safety. Here are some of the ways of how they can assist you with your problems that relate to storm-damage trees:

  • Pruning treetops and damaged limbs
  • Tree straightening
  • Tree salvaging
  • Damage assessment
  • Technical skills and expertise

If you are an amateur, then you should refrain from doing the tree service by yourself. If you need Montgomery County tree removal or any type of repair service for your tree today, do yourself and your tree a favor and contact a certified arborist or tree specialist in town that everyone swears for.