Three Tips that Help Maintain Healthy Relationships

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  1. Romantic, family, friendship, or other types of work relationships will develop at different points in time of your life. Depending on who the relationship is with, and the type of development you want to occur, you are going to interact differently with each individual or group to develop a healthy relationship. But, regardless of the type of relationship or the people involved, it must be open, honest, and trustworthy, if you want it to develop over time. These are a few ways in which you can maintain healthy relationships, with several people, at any point you are in during your lifetime
  1. Acceptance – In any relationship people are different. If you want that relationship to bud, with a friend or romantic interest, not only do you have to accept the differences, you have to learn to embrace them. Respect the person for the reason they are different, and learn to love them and their unique traits. Allowing people to be themselves, rather than a facade of who they really are, is the best and only way to truly open up, and for all people in that relationship to thrive as it moves forward.
  3. Give people your time – When building a relationship, you can’t be halfway in and half out. If you are going out with friends, don’t have your mind wandering elsewhere. If you are on a date, you can’t be taking calls from work all evening long. People want to feel respected, loved, and want to know their time is valuable to you. So make sure you can dedicate yourself 100% when you are with a person (people), if you truly want that relationship to develop, to be healthy, and to grow as time progresses forward.
  4. Learn to trust – You might have been hurt in the past by a romantic interest; but if you go into a new relationship with your guard up, and always looking for things to go wrong, eventually they are going to. Instead, you have to learn to let your guard down from time to time. You have to learn how to trust people, how to listen, and how to allow people to show you that they love and care for you. If you don’t, not only will a relationship falter from the beginning, it is going to restrict you from developing more meaningful relationships with others as well. So even if you have been hurt in the past, you have to learn to let go, believe people, and allow them to show you how they care for you and can love you in the relationship you are trying to build with them.

Regardless of who the relationship is with or how it began, these are a few ways in which you will not only maintain a healthy relationship with the individual, but will allow the relationship to grown naturally over time as well.

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